Technology Helps Us Communicate

Our Company

Vail Systems is the only Enhanced Network Services provider that hosts carrier-grade multi-channel communication solutions for large enterprises, service providers and telecom carriers alike. Vail’s technology is cloud-based, providing our clients with the ability to extend their customer service offerings via ubiquitous access to state-of-the-art communications solutions.

Using the Vail platform, clients can offer self-service applications, conferencing, and messaging using browser-based, voice, and mobile technology in a highly secure, reliable and scalable environment. Clients have on-demand access to a platform that supports billions of interactions a year, and is geographically distributed, load-balanced and actively monitored 24x7 to ensure the highest levels of reliability and uptime. The core platform at Vail has been in continuous, uninterrupted production for over 10 years.

Innovative technology comes from innovative people. Vail is a privately held company with a culture that values creativity, personal accountability and continuous learning. We allocate significant resources to technology incubation and research and thrive on solving challenging business problems. We never stand still and we think this makes Vail an engaging and dynamic place to work.

Our Mission

At Vail we develop innovative technology to enhance the way people communicate. Our mission is to create business value for our clients and growth opportunities for our employees by developing solutions that inspire people to interact freely and authentically.

  • We believe that people should be able to communicate clearly and easily
  • We create technology that helps people interact
  • We deliver solutions that drive ongoing business value
  • We embrace new ideas to encourage our creativity
  • We care deeply about reliability, security and data privacy
  • We value long-term customer relationships
  • We seek work that is fun and inspiring
  • We celebrate individuality and non-traditional thinking
  • We devote ourselves to life-long learning
  • We aspire to continually improve our community

Lifelong Learning

At Vail we are Lifelong Learners. We believe in a growth mindset, in that, people are capable of learning and accomplishing great successes over time. We believe in continuous education, and we back those beliefs by putting our time and energy into the following:

  • Extensive R & D
  • Tech conferences
  • Lunch & Learns
  • College class reimbursement
  • Book Clubs

With all of us committed to learning and growing together, we will accomplish great things.

Active Lifestyle

At Vail, we believe staying physically fit keeps us mentally fit. Whether it’s solving a difficult problem at work, or making it through a grueling workout, we enjoy doing it as a team. People at Vail engage in activities ranging from rock climbing and mountain biking to soccer and softball.

EFT & Chicago Loop Gym

From top to bottom, Vail practices what it preaches - Vail provides access to boot camps and fully stocked gyms to ensure you never miss a chance to get after it. On a regular basis expect to see everyone from our CEO, Jim Whiteley, to employees both veteran and new.

Recreational Sports & Activities

The Vail Ringers take the field in our yearly softball league, slugging it out with the best of ‘em. Informal soccer and basketball games can be seen in various parks throughout the Chicago and Deerfield area. Lots of Vailers are heavily into rock climbing, organizing regular trips to local venues. On any given day you can find a large number of employees walking, running, or biking to work.

Our Management

Jim Whiteley

CEO & Founder

Jim has thirty-five years of computer, telecommunications, and service business start-up experience. He founded Direct Marketing Technology, a leader in the direct mail listing business now owned by Experian, and Dytel Corporation, a pioneer in premise-based call processing systems. Jim is also Founder of Versay® Solutions, a voice application development and consulting firm; Verascape, a provider of highly-scalable VoiceXML systems; and Webley Systems, a unified messaging services provider.

Beth McGinnis

Vice President, Client Services

Beth has been Vice President for ten years and with Vail for seventeen years. As VP of Client Services, Beth oversees a team of individuals responsible for providing front-line support to Vail's enterprise customers, contact centers and service providers. She has over twenty years of experience in the telecommunications industry, primarily in customer care and client services.

Prior to her arrival at Vail in 1991, Beth was President of American Home Networks, Inc., an interactive online service and VP of Operations for Automation Design, Inc. Beth graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Industrial Psychology.

David Fruin

Vice President, Product Engineering

David Fruin has been with Vail for fourteen years and is responsible for the Product Engineering team. David is responsible for all platform and application technology development for our innovating and evolving suite of products and services. He has over twenty-four years of computer telephony experience. Prior to Vail, David worked with Motorola and Dytel. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

Michael Bruening

Vice President, Operations

Mike joined Vail in 2001. Coming from a background in mathematics, his early responsibilities at Vail included voice- and data-networking architecture and high-availability system design. Today, Mike oversees Vail Operations and the Vail Network Operations Center (VNOC), contributes to Vail SIP Platform engineering, and is responsible for voice and data strategy and management.

Todd Whiteley

Vice President, Product Development

Todd Whiteley joined Vail in 1996 and currently serves as Vice President, Product Development. In this role, Todd is responsible for developing and executing the go-to-market strategy for all of Vail's enhanced telephony products and services, such as our Voice platform hosting, and hosted application services like Network IVR, Network Recording, and Reservation-less Conferencing. Todd holds a Finance degree from the University of Illinois.

Joseph Carey

President & CEO of Versay® Solutions

Joe is President and CEO of Vail Systems' professional services subsidiary, Versay® Solutions. He has over twelve years of marketing, product development and professional services experience, working with traditional and VoIP telephony networks, web and speech technologies, and large-scale communications platforms. Prior to joining Versay® , he was Vice President of Marketing for Vail, where he was responsible for enterprise speech solutions, partner alliances, and web application development.

Joe received his BA in Economics from Vanderbilt University and MA in English from the University of Chicago.